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This page contains software development kits (SDK) and code samples to help you get started using Improv Wi-Fi in your projects.

Creating client applications to configure devices

These examples will help you create clients that can provision devices hosting the Improv BLE service.

SDK for JavaScript

The SDK for JavaScript contains everything you need to offer Improv provisioning on your website. Simply get started by adding the following HTML snippet:



The result will look like this:

See the GitHub repository for the documentation, source code, customization examples and how to use it with JavaScript package managers.

SDK for Android

The Android SDK contains all state management, constants and other helpers required to provision devices via Improv.

See the GitHub repository for the documentation, source code and demo application.

Creating firmware hosting the Improv service

SDK for C++

The C++ SDK contains constants and utility functions to help implementing the Improv service on your device.

See the GitHub repository for the documentation and source code.